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Exhibitions can be fun

Автор Расс Брэй (Russ Bray) 10 Сентября 2006 12:09

Exhibitions can be fun
Just a story of an exhibition I recently done in Holland with Colin Monk and AGENT P aka John Part.

After having the lads played their exhibition...8 legs each and 2 pairs games, which went with an absolute blast, it then became the after show tipple with the Landlady and Landlord and regulars of the particular Inn we were at.

Well ,after a few strong lagers and some funny short drinks (they really do have a kick) we all ended up dancing to the very loud music that was in the air.

The Landlady asked AGENT P if she could possibly have his Dart shirt. Problem !!!.if AGENT P obliged with this offer, what was he going to wear for the journey to the hotel some 15 minutes away and also in this place of ale?

Sorted...swap shirts with the Landlady so he can travel home with dignity and keep his body 'Adonis' covered.

The next thing I saw was AGENT P in..wait for it...the tightest PINK T shirt with a pretty motif pattern adorning the front of it. When the tears in my eyes had stopped rolling down my cheek and I re focussed on AGENT P, he was in the middle of what can only be described as a dance routine somewhere between John Travolta, Michael Jackson and the Sex Pistols.

Boy!!!! can that man move. I think he may be now the 'Man in Pink' Certainly that is what AGENT P must stand for...Any of our Unibloggers in need of urgent dance lessons contact AGENT PINK. I am sure you will get a good rate.

Till the next time

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Комментарий Спам
2. Jesslyn
A provocative isngiht! Just what we need!

Комментарий Спам
1. Chris at 11:48 on 11th September 2006
Не укладывается в голове, где же фото? Моя жена думает, что мистер Патт великолепен, и она любит, когда он в розовом!!


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