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My Friend the Doctor

Автор Пол Зигель (Paul Seigel) 18 Декабря 2006 15:30

My Friend the Doctor
For several years now, pretty much since the day I learned he existed, I have been corresponding with the so-called “Doctor of Darts” – Patrick Chaplin. Despite a handful of failed attempts to get together, Patrick and I have not met, or even spoken. Yet thanks to a shared love for the sport and the convenience and power of e-mail we have become good friends.

We regularly pass questions back and forth. For instance, it was from Patrick that I learned the origin of Tommy Cox’s last name. Once, Patrick e-mailed me a technical question about cricket. I told him they chirped. So we help each other a lot.

Over the years Patrick has literally built my darts library. It is said that one can’t write if one doesn’t read. So, well, obviously I haven’t read the many books Patrick has sent me. Forgive me Patrick. Next time send me something with some Double Out shots!

In turn, I have helped Patrick build his collection of 1960’s psychedelic CDs. If you can’t chill you can’t possibly dream up ideas like the one for which Patrick has become famous. Without a doubt, he has been listening to a whole lot of the Electric Prunes, Iron Butterfly and Cream.

Seriously, how else might someone conjure the “inspiration” to write a doctoral dissertation on the social history of darts in England?

This is just plain, like, far out, man.

But Patrick did! After a decade of research and more than a fair bit of ribbing, he has just been awarded his PhD by the Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. And despite the rumours, the university did not immediately have its accreditation withdrawn.

The Doctor of Darts is now really a Doctor of Darts! And soon his efforts will appear between the pages of a couple of books that are certain to be great reading for anyone involved, at any level, in the sport of darts.

So, if you are not already familiar with Patrick Chaplin and his fascinating website take a moment and click to www.patrickchaplin.com and also read the press release below.

Then join me in congratulating the Doctor on becoming a Doctor.

From the Field,


Patrick Chaplin

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