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Автор Сид Уодделл (Sid Waddell) 28 Декабря 2006 05:35

You lot may not know it but I am an adopted Didekai – a member of the travelling fraternity. My Grannie Mary Jane sold plants to horse traders in Alwick, Northumberland in the 1930s and she taught me words like ‘gadgie’(man), ‘jugel’(dog) and the great Dide word made famous by Del Boy – ‘custy’ (sweet, great, lovely).

So, the other night I had a deep discussion of such terms with Chris Mason and an Essex pal of his. They said that ‘custy’ should be pronounced ‘cushty’ and that my northern pronunciation was wrong! Who is right and who is wrong? BLOG me if you know or have any other gypsy words!

Talking of Mason, I reckon his dig at ‘a bragging and arrogant’ Taylor in the papers, is a wind-up that could go horribly wrong – with Taylor winning 4-zip, with an average of 113.


My Christmas was spent in Pudsey, sipping shandy, while all around me had real fun. My grandsons Bobby and Dougie came to kiddie blows over a red fire engine! It belonged to Bobby but Dougie wanted to ‘share’! This provided the touch paper for an explosion by Bobbie, whose Mum said that Father Christmas would come and take the engine back to Lapland! Dougie’s response?,,,, “He could always give it to me!” Kids! You can’t beat ‘em.


It was a demolition….pure and simple. I’d like to know what Barney had in his tea, because I’ll have a bit of that! He did for young Rico Vonck in 25 minutes, with the crowd – alias The Barney Army – going ‘batchy’(Didekai for nuts). Average of 102.5 ain’t quite Taylor-esque but getting there.


I was on the radio and was asked which sportsman would I love to see transmute to all their former glories. It could have been Jackie Milburn or it could have been Hughie Gallacher of The Toon. But I settled for the great Denis Law, snotty-nosed and scrawny bursting the net at Old Trafford with a header! A true genius.

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