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Автор Сид Уодделл (Sid Waddell) 21 Февраля 2007 05:31

I must admit that I am trembling with anticipation at the prospect of ‘playing’ the Metro Arena in Newcastle with the Holsten Premier Darts League. I last commentated in the Toon in the summer of 1994 at the Samson Classic and the fan mania – all waving bottle and banners – was led by my 80 year old mum Martha! What will 4000-plus darts-daft Geordies do this Thursday? There’ll be Grog on the Tyne all right.

A feast is certainly in store. My old mucker Dennis Priestley certainly has not had any Sloppy Head problems and starts the night in top spot. Den puts his form down to regular high level play and serious practice. One thing is sure, he will not be on a local beach shovelling sea coal at dawn. This was one of the stunts we did for the Samson.

I predict a brilliant match with Adrian Lewis, who last week started with 12, 13 and 16 darts against Colin Lloyd.

The other belting match will be Manley against Taylor. Pete will want to get rid of bitter memories of his 7-0 thrashing by Barney in Holland. And Phil will come out like bull at a gate – no pun intended – to jump in early with a 105 average. He had a pathetic 93 average against Terry Jenkins last week, and Manley could feel a Power surge.


Just like Ernie Wise and his master scripts – ten chapters before tea and toast – I have just finished one book and started another in the last 24 hours.

BELLIES AND BULLSEYES is off to the publishers at 99,923 words. Yes, I counted them. I think it is a good mix of the funny and the serious sides of our sport

SID WADDELL’S GEORDIE DICTIONARY, due out early next year, is now 200 words long. I have been researching Geordie words and have found that ‘hacky (dirty) and ‘bairn’ (child) were used by my Viking ancestors 1300 years ago. So far there is no sign of ‘oche’, the etymology of which is very uncertain.

I am also making notes for WOR SID, the tale of a little lad from a proud mining family. It won’t be as sad as ANGELA’S ASHES but it will pull no punches about the fact that nobody did the Waddell mining clan any favours. My lot were hard grafters.

Eat yer heart out Willie Shakespeare.

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1. Kelly at 00:45 on 12th March 2007
Я была на дартс-арене, и была очень довольна, потому что это происходило в мой день рождения. Мои родители знают, как я люблю дартс, и я совершила путешествие из Большого Ярнмута в Норфолке до Ньюкасла, наслаждаясь каждой минутой путешествия, ведь это был мой день рождения! Было классно увидеть Денниса Пристли, он мой кумир. Я понимаю, что эти слова звучат немного глупо от девушки, но я люблю дартс, и он величайший в этой области, и способен навести шороху в Премьер – Лиге!!! Удачи всем! Сид, вы тоже легенда!

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