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Anzacs Attack Darts in England!

Автор Уоррен Акари (Warren Ackary) 01 Ноября 2008 03:39

Anzacs Attack Darts in England!
Well, it’s on again!

GSoD, Ladbrokes, Winmau World Masters, Zuiderduin Masters & Lakeside!

A Jam packed ANZAC contingent has left and a second wave of ANZACS are heading over soon to help with defence!

This year has been exciting one for the ANZAC dartplayers! All the players heading to the UK have achieved the highest spots in ranking tournaments to get them onto the World stage in both Dartplayers Australia & WDF/DFA Order of merit & Points.

Just be warned as there will be a forced to be reckoned with in the form of the legend 48 year old Russell “Rusty” Stewart who is throwing better darts now that he was 20 years ago! Russell gained entry into Ladbrokes by winning the Oceanic Masters on the last weekend of October.
Another force will be Paul “The Asset” Nicholson, originally from Northumberland he topped the DPA order or merit, Paul gained entry into Ladbrokes by topping the DPA Order of merit.

Evergreen Simon “The Wizard” Whitlock will be there waving his magic wands of Tungsten looking for revenge at lakeside! Simon has of course qualified for Lakeside (being runner-up this year); he has also been invited to the Grand Slam of Darts, Winmau World masters and is hoping to get a wild card into the Zuiderduin Masters!

Warren French from New Zealand makes up the complete ANZAC defence, this will be warrens 2nd time playing in Ladbrokes.com and I know he will be looking forward to do better than last time around (2006). Warren won the NZ PDC Qualifying event to get there.

Unfortunately I do not know if Tony David will be attending Lakeside as he has not been well and is often in long bouts of recovery (I hope Tony goes as it would not be the same) Steve Duke Snr I believe also may not be able to attend any tournament (unless he receives a wildcard), a shame as Steve is always there snapping at his opponents heels.

Now for the new comers and it’s always the fresh faces that seem to thrown the fear of “uncertainty” into their opponents!

The new faces are:
Eddie Sims from Victoria, Eddie won the Geelong Masters and accrued enough points to gain entry into Lakeside.

Robert “Remedy” Modra from Queensland gained entry for the Winmau World Masters from getting enough points by being runner up in the Australian Grand Masters and his performances in the Australia Championships.

Pam Burr from Queensland has been around darts for longer than I imagine, I know she is playing in the Winmau World masters but do not know how she qualified.

My apologies to fellow dart players of the ANZAC code if I have missed that you are playing in more than one tournament or how you qualified (Sorry Pam), the main thing is you ALL earned your right to be over there so do your best and keep the ANZAC spirit alive! Take no enemies!!

All the best ANZAC Darties from Warren “Wazza” Ackary

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1. Buddha180 at 19:13 on 13th November 2008
Wazza, история тронула меня… Лучший дартс для Расти, «Ценнейшего», «Волшебника», Роба и Эдди!!

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