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Competition Darts, County Darts and Youth Darts

Автор Киган Браун (Keegan Brown) 16 Сентября 2008 01:00

Competition Darts, County Darts and Youth Darts
All the summer holidays, I have played many competitions over my summer holidays. I had practised quite hard over the summer and hoping my performance would stand out. As a school student going in his last year of the school life, I had lot of coursework going into year 11 and I knew it was going to be quite hard to balance it all out, but I did with ease!

One of the 1st weekends of summer holidays I had played in the Champions Cup match in Trinity Club, Dorchester. The Isle of Wight is very small for its darts and we were probably the underdogs going into the Champions Cup, but we did get passed the 1st round with a bye! We played against Somerset in the last 4 of our regional playoffs. We did lose 6-3 to the Somerset but 7 out of the games went 3-2 and the other games went 3-0 (I fell in that section of the games) but we did enjoy our self¡¦s.

Within the 3 weeks the darts started to pick up again with Competitions, Youth County and Senior County. On the bank holiday we travelled back down to the Trinity Club in Dorchester for the Dorset Open. It was an extremely well ran competition. I played in the Mixed Pairs with Stephanie Smee, Hampshire ¡¥A¡¦ team player. We played very well together. We got to the last 4 of the competition before losing to Simon Whatley and his partner. One leg we went first and hit 140, 60, 100, 60,100 so we left our self¡¦s 41 after 15 darts and still lost the leg! So that shows the standard of play in the Mixed Pairs that day. Simon Whatley and his partner did actually win the Mixed Pairs; they beat Roy Brown and Wendy Reinstadler (Both A team for Hampshire). I played in the singles competition the Sunday morning and lost 4-3 but it was an extremely heavy scoring game. I did hit 2 180s in that match and I thought I played very well. I knew I lost but I played well but at the end of the day it was only missed doubles really!
I had 2 weeks before Youth County for Hampshire.

I practised well in the 2 weeks before the youth county and was hitting the 60 bed quite well! So the day came, I was a little nervous before my game. So they called my name and then I was there playing. The first leg was 17 darts (nice way to open your account for Youth County), I felt very good with the way which I was playing. But I did lose the next leg, so I stepped my game up and was down in the double within 18 darts but I thought my I turned off my phone but my phone started to vibrate whilst I throwing for the match! But I won the match in the end. I won the match with a 23:86 average and got ¡¥Man Of The Match¡¦ for Hampshire. Gemma Hayter won for the ladies U21s and Lady of the match with a 17 average and then Matt Lloyd with a brilliant 27:81 (2 names to watch out for the future!).But we did lose quite heavily in the end, but I enjoyed the day and it was a good laugh.

We had Senior county darts for the Island the week after Youth County, Practising let again! I was back at school and doing more coursework. As the new format was introduced by the BDO for county which is new 4 men, 3 ladies, 4 men, 3 ladies and finally 4 men. It is quite surreal playing the format differently. The 1st day went Wiltshire way with the score being 12-6. Ladies B lost 6-0 and the Men¡¦s B was 6-6. The next day it was everything to play for really. 10 of games went 3-2 and mostly went Wiltshire way. The ladies A won 4-2 but the Men¡¦s lost 8-4. I played my game and I battling with a heavy cold but it end up with a chest infection. I was 2-0 up and missed 7 darts for the match, but I lost the game 3-2 but I was happy the way I played with way which I was feeling like! The Island lost 22-14 in the end but it is a good positive way towards a county season ƒº.

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