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Nostalgia Time At Cardiff

Автор Сид Уодделл (Sid Waddell) 18 Апреля 2007 05:29

Nostalgia Time At Cardiff
The Premier League swept into Cardiff last week and I was swept through with great memories.

I recalled, happily, for several Welsh newspapers the great days of Alan Evans and Leighton Rees, the two men who really put darts on the map in the late 1970s and early 80s. Their flamboyance, character and skill at the Indoor League and on other telly darts grabbed the public imagination. So I was delighted to get a warm letter from Alan’s daughter Claire and her husband Mark thanking me for keeping his name alive. Take it from me, if there had been a Premier League in 1980 Evans and Rees would have been in it – along with Brissy and Lobo. Who do you reckon would have been the other four?

On the Sky mic I recalled the famous 1981 St David’s Day Massacre, when the Welsh team hammered England at Afan Lido. I toured a few pubs that night with the England players and did we get some stick! I also recalled the halcyon days of great Welsh/English clashes at St David’s Hall with leek-waving fans going bananas. Nothing changes; the 3800 crowd at the CIA were magnificent.


Next week I will be in top literary company in an ancient London boozer at a big trade darts do for my book BELLIES AND BULLSEYES which is out in August from Ebury books.

The teams will be from book shops and they will be augmented by famous sports authors. Dave Gorman, Marcus Berkman and Michael Simkins, whose latest book, FATTY BATTER, is a bestseller, will all be there to sup and sling.

I’ll be making sarcastic comments on the players, but I hope nobody asks ‘Bag of Nails’ Sidney to throw…


This week the Premier League is in Blackburn, stronghold of the Barney Army. Last year the crowd cheered the Dutchman to the echo – even though he was playing local lad Ronnie Baxter!

Taylor versus Lloyd will be a cracker since Colin has to win to have any chance of making the last four. Despite a 103 average last week in his victory over Scholten, I think Colin will be in for a torrid time against Phil, who is now amusing himself by trying to whitewash people 8-0. Should be a belter.

I also reckon we will see the best of Adrian Lewis against Terry Jenkins. Aidy had eight 180s last week against Priestley and has his real serious head on. This will be the match of the night.

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Комментарий Спам
1. Draconus at 08:17 on 4th May 2007
В последнем туре Премьер – Лиги (3 мая) куда смотрели Барни и Тэйлор со сцены? Такое ощущение, что они что-то там увидели, и очень обеспокоились. Или это только мое воображение LOL.
Но что еще важнее, это вопрос, чем я буду заниматься ближайшие ТРИ НЕДЕЛИ. Ужас, мне придется разговаривать с женой каждый четверг!!!!

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