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Some Different Practicing Games

Автор Уоррен Акэри (Warren Ackary) 26 Июня 2007 04:45

Some Different Practicing Games
I use these games to help myself, I know that most players know of them and sometimes use them. For those who haven’t heard of them, give them a try and be surprised!

The Game of 170
I start with 170 and take it out simply...good for just warming up before a match...not throwing too many t20's all the time and working on doubles as well.....or you can try it this way as well if by yourself, numbers of darts = points

3 darts = 5 points

4 darts = 4 points

5 darts = 3 points

6 darts = 2 points

7 darts = 1 point

8 darts = -1

9 darts = -2

10 darts = -3

11+ darts = -5

Play till you get 15 points - you can play this with an opponent as well, just play first person to get to 15 pts

Note: when warming up for a doubles match, this is a great way for a doubles team to warm-up together !

The game of 30

Tonight I decided to really concentrate on my doubles. I've got no real problem with points, or grouping, or mechanics. My doubles really need work. I came up with a basic doubles routine that I hope works. I just came up with the idea tonight and just played about 7 "rounds" (for lack of a better term). Not sure if it'll make a difference but I decided to run the idea by all of you anyways. I encourage you to give it a try for a week and let me know of any results and I'll do the same. Here's how the regime works:

Get yourself a standard size piece of paper. On the top left corner write the number 1, below it write 2 and so on all the way to 10. Across the top of the page you're going to do the same thing again so you have 10 rows and 10 columns. That's the top half of the page. On the bottom half you're going to write the exact same thing again but for the last column you're going to add 'DB' for the 11th column on the bottom half of the page. These numbers going across the page (top and bottom) represent the number you're shooting for.

Now, you're going to throw a total of 30 darts at each number starting at 1 and finishing with DB. I should mention that all you're trying to hit are doubles. Anything else hit doesn't count. Every time you hit a double it's worth 1 point. When you're finished shooting for D1 record the score above it, then move on to D2, and so on. When you're done the whole process don't throw the page out. Keep it handy and start a new one the next time. By the end of the week you should have several (hopefully) and be able to see an increase in points (again, hopefully).

Well, I just pounded out a couple games of this and was really surprised by the results. I didn't get very high numbers, that's no surprise, but where I got the highest numbers was where I usually consider my trouble areas (1 and 11). So far my highest numbers are 6's with 3 of them followed by several 5's and 4's. Not really impressed by this and hope the following games will have an improvement.

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