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Tea-Time for Taylor

Автор Сид Уодделл (Sid Waddell) 11 Октября 2007 05:16

Tea-Time for Taylor
As I write this, I have a Dickensian vision of Phil Taylor sitting in his Stoke mansion and sipping black tea – with an oatcake in his hand and a black cloud over his head.

His arch-rival Raymond Van Barneveld will take over from Taylor as World No.1 if he wins here in Ireland. It must grate with Phil that part of Barney’s flowing form has been the understacker dart that he copied from Taylor himself. Even so, Barney only averaged a best of 90 and was down to 87 in his demolition of Mervyn King.

So, what is wrong with ‘The Power’?

Is it fatal or temporary?

I feel that Phil is essentially a tired player at the moment, and probably was frustrated in his practice for the double-to-start tournament. He is brilliant at six hour sessions of ‘straight in’ darts but knowing that twice he had bombed out in the first round in Ireland, got right on his wires.

I don’t think that he will pack in or lose his enthusiasm. I think roundabout November 1, he will start on the ‘Spartan Regime’ and rigorous practice that will prepare him in body and mind for the Ally Pally,


Now most people go walking by the trout streams or through the fratie fields looking at the flowers, the beasts and the views of beautiful Ireland. Here at the City West, folks walk out and gasp in awe at this magnificent sight……Two helicopters, one sleek Hummer, one stretch Chrysler, one Bentley Continental, one Mercedes and a fire engine red Aston Martin. They are all the property of the City West owner Jim Mansfield and he is so proud of them, he lines them up for his guests. Some folks were even inhaling the fumes from the exhausts and dreaming rich dreams, instead of the good pure air of Saggart.


The latest stops on my round Britain Tour were Windsor Racecourse, Radio Cork and Dublin FM. Close to the Queen’s gaff, I entertained 150 independent book shop owners in the company of Sandra Howard, wife of former Tory Leader Michael Howard, whose cut glass accent was a big contract to my Geordie tones.

I was dead chuffed, when at the end of my speech, the people made their way to the book towers at the end of the room and demolished my 100 book pile in no time.

Look out for the book at your local Asda from October 13 – it will be between the baked beans and the cornflakes!


The superbly talented James Wade came into his match against Alex Roy, after a 95 average in his 1st Round game. Both players barely shook hands and had the focused look of angry rhinos!

Then the nerves seemed to swamp the adrenalin rush. We were told in commentary that there was more to it in James’ case…..what looked like nerves, was in fact a massive build up of stomach acid, that produced severe tummy cramps.

But from 2-1 in front, he soldiered on to win ‘ugly’ I am expecting the real James Wade to step up from here on in.

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Комментарий Спам
1. Tommy501 at 12:58 on 15th October 2007
Привет, Сид!

Это была великолепная неделя, когда Джеймс «Джо 90» Вэйд показывал лучший дартс на планете.
Джеймс и Ади должны отлично выступить на Большом Шлеме в ноябре и на Чемпионате Мира.
Кроме того, Фил пытается нащупать свою лучшую форму на Большом Шлеме и Чемпионате Мира, но я думаю, что финал-2008 будет первым без «Мощи».
Как ты считаешь, Сид?

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