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Гари Андерсон - Чемпион Мира!

05 Января 2015
Гари Андерсон (Gary Anderson) - Новый Чемпион Мира на William Hill World Darts Championship 2015!

Борис прошёл в Первый Круг ЧМ!

21 Декабря 2014
Борис выиграл Предварительный Круг! William Hill World Darts Championship 2015: Boris Koltsov (Russia) 4-2 Haruki Muramatsu (Japan). В 20:00 мск игра с Кевином Пейнтером - удачи Борису Кольцову!

EADC: отбор на Чемпионат Мира PDC

05 Октября 2014
18-19 октября в Москве, в бизнес-центре Омега-плаза, Евразийская Дартс Корпорация проводит отборочный турнир "12 стран", победитель которого получает приглашение на сцену Александра Пэлас в Лондоне!

Барневильд и Бантинг примут участие на турнире в Сиднее

10 Июля 2014
Раймонд ван Барневильд и Стивен Бантинг получили wildcard на турнир Сидней Мастерс, который пройдёт 28-30 августа...

Юникорн признан лучшим дартс брендом

30 Июня 2014
На гала-ужине в отеле Four Pillars Юникорн был признан лучшим дартс брендом...
Архив Опросов

1975 Финалисты – Англия

Reproduced from the 1975 Programme


Graham Lovegrove, 41.
Licensee from The Globe, Wisbech. Three times News of the World finalist.

Colin Balding, 38
Builders merchant, foreman. Dedicated darts player for 17 years. Keen sports follower.


Bert Sontag, 44
Crane driver from Waltham Abbey. Twice London area News of the World finalist. Well known darting family.

Ron Woodham, 38
Fitter from Waltham Abbey. Plays for the 'Old English Gentlemen', the leading team in his own area.


White Brothers, Christopher 34 & Graham 28
From West Lulworth, one of two pairs of brothers to qualify for the England finals. Both play for the British Legion and have a string of local successes to their credit.


Sam Hawkins, 46
Heating & ventilating supervisor from Sidcup. Fixture and Results Secretary of British Darts Organisation, Kent team manager, Pontins Individual Champion 1973 and many other successes.

Sid Grist, 54
Crane Driver from Sidcup. Kent County Player with over 30 years in competitive darts.

London 1

Charlie Ellix, 34
Heating engineer from Mill Hill. A rising star in the London and Hertfordshire darts scene.

Jack Papworth, 28
Printer from Edgware. Known locally as 'the Babe',
has been playing darts "as long as I have been old enough to drink!"

London 2

Ron Emburey, 41
Printer from Camberwell. A dart fanatic, has been playing regularly since he was thirteen. A regular player for Southwark in the Greater London Super Darts League.

Duke Winser, 51
Driver from Camberwell, a Southwark team mate of Ron Emburey, has achieved many successes in only seven years of dart playing.

North of England

Doug McCarthy, 32
A butcher from Crook, Co Durham. A rising darts player - twice Yorkshire champion of champions, plays banjo and guitar.

John Thompson, 35
Builders labourer from Crook, keen jazz fan like his partner Doug.

North Midlands

Ron Allen, 31
Foreman turner from Chesterfield, plays for the Greyhound Inn and a keen gardener.

John Lowe, 29
Joiner from Clay Cross, dedicated dart player with ambition to be the best. Other interest, golf.


Joe Matthews, 27
Scaffolder from Ormesby, has won 10 local individual championships, would like to play for England and travel.

Terry Harrison, 42
Decorator from Middlesborough, has won 16 individual titles.

North West

Harry Cook, 36
Upholsterer from Manchester. Man of the Match at the recent London v Lancashire county match.

David Holden, 38
Sales manager from St. Helens whose ambition is to play darts for England in the Olympic Games!

South Midlands

Jack and Colin Mayes, 46 & 35
The other pair of brothers in the England Finals. Both with many dart achievements in the Midlands, Colin recently beat Jack in the Leicester Area News of the World Finals.

South West

Tommy O'Regan, 36
International Dart Star from Walthamstow and well-known TV Darts personality. National individual Champion for three years.

Cliff Inglis, 39
From Plymouth, reigning Phonogram World Masters Individual Champion. Man of the Match for the last two years playing for England in the Home International.


Ken Brown, 37
Surrey Darts Organiser from Carshalton. Great Britain International Player and Surrey Individual Champion 1974.

Dennis Nutt, 44
Engineering Manager from Byfleet, Secretary of Surrey Darts Organisation. London and Home Counties. Individual Champion and keen swimmer.

Thames Valley

Ray Rawlings, 18
Apprentice toolmaker from Cookham, the youngest of this weekends competitors, following in the footsteps of his famous father, Bernie.

John Mason, 42
Welder from Maidenhead. Thames Valley County Player. Shooting and crossbow enthusiast.

West Midlands

Paul Tunley, 24
Fitter from Birmingham. Plays darts seven nights a week, keen cricketer and golfer.

John Lynock, 29
Storekeeper, also plays seven nights a week, keen on football.


David Purnell, 30
Warehouseman from Bristol, been playing darts for thirteen years and plays regularly four nights a week.

Gordon Maddocks, 37
Builder, been playing darts for sixteen years, his ambition is to 'do in a game what I can do in practice'.


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