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Гари Андерсон - Чемпион Мира!

05 Января 2015
Гари Андерсон (Gary Anderson) - Новый Чемпион Мира на William Hill World Darts Championship 2015!

Борис прошёл в Первый Круг ЧМ!

21 Декабря 2014
Борис выиграл Предварительный Круг! William Hill World Darts Championship 2015: Boris Koltsov (Russia) 4-2 Haruki Muramatsu (Japan). В 20:00 мск игра с Кевином Пейнтером - удачи Борису Кольцову!

EADC: отбор на Чемпионат Мира PDC

05 Октября 2014
18-19 октября в Москве, в бизнес-центре Омега-плаза, Евразийская Дартс Корпорация проводит отборочный турнир "12 стран", победитель которого получает приглашение на сцену Александра Пэлас в Лондоне!

Барневильд и Бантинг примут участие на турнире в Сиднее

10 Июля 2014
Раймонд ван Барневильд и Стивен Бантинг получили wildcard на турнир Сидней Мастерс, который пройдёт 28-30 августа...

Юникорн признан лучшим дартс брендом

30 Июня 2014
На гала-ужине в отеле Four Pillars Юникорн был признан лучшим дартс брендом...
Архив Опросов

1976 Финалисты – Англия

Reproduced from the 1976 Programme

East Anglia

David Blackmore
Wimblington, Cambs. Nicknamed 'Buster' he has played darts since the age of 15 and now plays five nights per week. A builder by trade, he holds a regular place in the Cambridgeshire country team.

Kenneth Batchelor
March, Cambs. A plasterer who stands 6ft 2inch and weighs 16½ stone. He plays an average of three nights per week and represents two local pub teams in the March Super League.

London 1

Gerald Akers
A steeplejack and goes by the nickname of 'Supertramp' to his mates. He was taught to play darts at the age of 11 by his father. Also enjoys golf.

Philip Wilson
From Walworth, has played for six years and collected the Concord Super League singles title last year. Nicknamed 'Badger', he plays every day and harbours an ambition to play for England.

London 2

Richard Cattell
Learned the finer points of the game from his father and plays three times a week. He is a panel-beater by trade and has represented London

Jack Ambler
Chalked up his first title by winning the London Regional Final. He has been playing for 23 years and earned a place in the Great Britain team v USA.

North of England

John Thompson, 36
Father of six, he plays darts every day and also enjoys table tennis. 1975 'Nodor' Champion and last year's Unicorn Area finalist with his partner.

Douglas McCarthy
A butcher who has shared many successes with his partner. He plays for Durham and plays in the County Super League. Both players live in Crook, Durham.

North Midlands

John Gunn
Stapleford, Notts, has been playing darts since his early teens and throws regularly for the Alexander Club and Ilkeston miners. Enjoys fishing when not playing darts.

Stewart Beardsley
West Hallam, Derby. Another keen angler when not playing darts. He was persuaded to take up the game by his partner and now plays for Derbyshire.

North Thames

David Russell
A bachelor from Stratford who combines darts with a love of angling. He plays every night and competes in the Essex Super League. An Essex County player.

Gerald Coventry
A carpenter from East London with a simple aim 'to be a brilliant player'. He has played for four years, plays for Essex 'B' team, and is a boxing enthusiast.

North West

Thomas Bass
Works for the Press and plays darts three times per week. He is a Lancashire County player and was a finalist in the 1975 Inter-City Track Arrows Championships.

Gerald Wilkinson
First took up darts at his wife's suggestion 10 years ago, and practices daily. A foreman by trade, he plays regularly in the Tetleys League, Bolton.


Alan Venis
'Big Al 'to his darts colleagues. Stands 6ft 2inch and weighs 21 stone. He has been playing for 15 years and continues to throw on four evenings a week. A foreman civil engineer by trade.

Ian Dobson
A steelworker who has played for 11 years. He has a love of athletics when not playing darts. Eston Club League Individual champion 1966-7-8-, 1970-1-2. Both players come from Southbank.

South East

Michael Norris
Combines a love of darts with angling and swimming and has been playing for nine years. He throws left-handed and, at 6ft 3inch is one of the tallest finalists.

Len Miller
'Dusty' as he is inevitably called, has been playing since 1945 and has collected an enviable string of titles en route. A Kent player with his sights set on an England place.

South Midlands

Jack Mayes
Appearing for the second year, has been playing for 20 years and still practices for an hour each day. He is a member of the Warwickshire County team and collected the Nodor Fours Midlands title last year.

Colin Mayes
A building sub-contractor and, like his brother, has been playing for 20 years. His successes include the Midlands singles title in 1974. A member of the England NDA team.

South West

Brian Baker
The beaten Regional finalist in the 1975 Unicorn Championships. He plays at least three times a week and plays regularly for Hampshire.

Ian Crombie, 22
Has been partnering Brian Bake for just over a year. The Unicorn Championship provided his first taste of competitive darts.


Joe Johnson
Finished runner-up in the Sussex Super League Championships last year and won the Eastbourne singles title. He is a carpet wholesaler and plays darts twice a week.

George Pantrey
Chalked up his first success by winning the Southern Region title. He loves all sports, but darts and cricket come top of the list. A Sussex County player.

Thames Valley

David Vincent
A lorry driver who plays four nights each week. He first took up the game 19 years ago and modestly admits his ambition is 'to improve'.

Cyril Webb
An electrician by trade, 'Cydge' first started to play in 1934. He practices for one hour each day and was a member of the Victorious Watney Straight Eight championship team.


John Knight
Has an enviable record in Paignton, where he has collected the singles title three times and the doubles title five times. His record in Torbay is memorable too, with four singles titles and the pairs championship. A Devon county player.

George Murphy
Has also claimed the Paignton title twice, and tops an enviable list of achievements with the Disneyland Pairs (USA) Championship in 1974. Also a Devon county player.

West Midlands

Robert Baxter
Combines his love of darts with a passion for shooting. Although he plays only once a week he has scooped several titles including the £500 Pontin's Northern Championship.

James Jewell
A 6ft bricklayer who plays five nights each week. He throws left-handed and is a familiar figure at the Three Tuns, Tamworth. He is a Staffordshire county player.


Peter Lally
Hails from Ireland and took up the game in his early teens 'to supplement his pocket money'. He is an Irish International and combines darts with music - his hobby is playing the accordion.

Kim Brown
Nicknamed 'the Fox', Kim has been playing darts for 25 years. He plays regularly for the West of England and won the Swedish Open title in 1974.


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